Okamoto Industries, established in 1934, has earned an international reputation as a leading manufacturer of quality rubber and plastic products. Okamoto Europe is set up to help and support the development of Okamoto products in Europe supporting mainly the sales of condoms and Heat pads manufactured by Okamoto.

Our company's flexibility has enabled us to adapt existing product lines to the needs and trends of the market, and to pioneer new products through research and development. Only products achieving the highest standards of quality will display the Okamoto name.


You might not recognize the name Okamoto, but there’s a good chance you’re already familiar with one or more of our products, including heat pads (BodiHeat®, or by the name of our partners Neuriplège Activ®, Ion®, Maya®...) and condoms (ON®,Okamoto,Beyond Seven®,0.04®...) as well as many other offerings in the automotive and home furnishing industries. Okamoto has been busy building a reputation for high-quality rubber and plastic products.

Our focus on innovation has made us pioneers in the field and ensures that every product bearing the Okamoto name is of the highest quality.

At Okamoto, we’re dedicated to bringing you innovative products - and to ensuring a brighter future for our employees, and the planet on which we all live.Known as a company always looking to push the boundaries of science and technology, Okamoto is driven by the desire to achieve higher levels of customer comfort and satisfaction. We’ve focused our energies to develop innovative processes that allow us to manufacture reliability into every product that bears our name. And we will continue to use our resources to enrich the experiences of our customers and the fortunes of our employees, shareholders, vendors and the community in which we live and operate.


Production : Okamoto Japan has a vast network of facilities throughout the world that research, develop and produce the products that fuel our international growth and continued success. Most products are produced in one of three plants in Japan - operating with the highest degree of quality, consistency and efficiency.